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Design Work

My Design Experience

I approach the design of learning environments from a similar perspective as I do teaching: learning is a collaborative enterprise.  This is true whether designing for a physical classroom, a collaborative online space, or even a single-player educational game.  I seek to engage my learners, whoever and wherever they may be, with important content in a meaningful way.

The collaborative enterprises of design and learning involve stakeholders and subject matter experts (SMEs) as well.  I have experience working with stakeholders and SMEs from varied backgrounds, including engineers, medical doctors, teachers, and public policy experts. On every project, I work with stakeholders, SMEs, and learners to make sure that learning goals are met within the constraints of the project.


Below, I discuss my design work on the Driving Insight project and on other, smaller projects as a graduate student and faculty member.  Feel free to scroll down or use the buttons to the right to navigate the page.

Driving Insight - Design

The Driving Insight project seeks to both understand how drivers learn about new car safety systems, like Adaptive Cruise Control, and design better resources for those drivers.

As part of the MyCarDoesWhat public education campaign, our team on the Driving Insight project has developed instructional materials for Adpative Cruise Control, Backup Cameras, and more.  These materials typically come in three parts: Understand, Challenge, and Play.  Each section allows learners to engage with these systems in a new way, whether they are learning informally or as part of a driver education course.


Visit the Deeper Learning section of the MyCarDoesWhat website to see our materials in full.

Driving Insight
Other Design Work

As a faculty member (and previously as a graduate student), I have had the opportunity for substantial experience designing and developing learning environments with varied stakeholders and expert feedback.  This includes multimedia lessons for new conservation officers and biology undergraduates, a website on virtual worlds oriented towards science teachers, an augmented reality (AR) game for ecology students, and a problem-based learning project centered around Stanley Milgram's obedience studies.  I also have experience developing frameworks for learning game design for workplace settings.  In every case, I have brought in research in the area, as well as feedback from instructors and stakeholders, to improve my designs.

A few still images are provided to the left as samples.  To see more of my work, including finished products, feel free to get in touch!

If you'd like to discuss my work or future collaborations, let's talk >>
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